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I am writing to you, to advice of a new business I discovered by accident. We have been looking for investments that will give our family the income to replace our sales and marketing business. This may be of interest to you or a friend of yours so please read on, and has a think about whether this may answer your investment requirements questions.

We have shares, commercial and residential properties, investments in listed funds, and funds in the bank. None of them are doing what I needed them to do, supported by the following criteria.

We wanted a Cash Positive investment, that if tenanted, must be easy to fill, with capital growth where possible, and that could be purchased with a reasonable deposit, and the remainder borrowed from the bank. We are looking for income first to support our retirement.

We have found commercial property requires a large deposit or collateral, and reliable stable tenants are not easy to find in the price range we were looking to . Our shares and  fund investment have gone sideways now for well over a year, and we are not interested in negative gearing based on the rumblings from the politicians about changing the rules, and that fact we are looking for income, not just some of our tax back. We were also not happy with our apartments due to the body corporation costs, and little to no land content to escalate value.

We have older cash flow positive properties, but they do not offer any depreciation and require constant repairs and upkeep. They also do not attract the tenants we would really like to have. So far a lot of negatives but not so with a Dual Income Property, all the benefits of a new property, such as the tax depreciation and new build warranty, with tenants lining up to be the first ones to move in.

We caught up with an old friend, Mark Bone, who has a history in finance broking and real estate and he was looking for the same things as we were. A bit like trying to find a Unicorn really, then we all learnt about Dual Income Properties, where in a nutshell you own a new built house but it is two separate residences with two tenants. This allows rental income from a low $600 to up to over $800 per week based on the purchase cost. This shows around 6.0% to 6.5% gross not the normal 4 to 5% for a single residential property. Based on this rate of income we have positive cash flow with around a 10% deposit.

The concept and results were that good we decided to form a company together and have called it “Dual Income Properties” with affiliates from Melbourne to Cairns and a stock list of over 100 properties for sale at any time. What excites us about these properties is when we sell one, the purchasers are quickly in the financial position to buy another and another, and so on. This has led to life changing income for some already.

Selling property that offers positive cash income, new built with warranty, capital growth and tax benefits is a great feeling and I am writing to you to see if you have thought of how you are going to get your investments to the point they are generating income and when that will be? As per my introduction I had looked at all the options and apart from working into my seventies I did not see how this would happen until I learnt about Dual Income Properties. If you are interested or have a friend who you know would be please pass this on letter on and get in touch by phone  (0418792218) or email ([email protected] ) to start the journey to financial independence

Thanks and kind regards Gil Elliott